Thursday, March 13, 2014

Olde Anglican Quote for the Day

THE modernity of all modern theology is the characteristic result of the introduction of modern scientific method into religion. And it is a very fair description of that method to say that it consists in a systematic attempt to analyse human experience into facts and beliefs, and to avoid confusion between those two constituent elements of our knowledge. Thus modern Christologies really date from the application of the so-called higher criticism to the New Testament. Herein lies the one essential difference between the Christological problem of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and that of the third and fourth. The modern problem starts from the endeavour to distinguish the actual facts connected with the origin of Christianity from the beliefs, theories, opinions and valuations with which from the beginning men's minds have surrounded and overlaid them.

Quick, Oliver Chase (1885-1944). Liberalism, Modernism, and Tradition, Bishop Paddock lectures, 1922.

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