Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Olde Anglican Quote for the Day

"In the Holy Catholic Church, although the Eastern branch still stands aside, although the Roman Communion has added to the Faith, although the Anglican body often speaks with hesitating voice, and all are hampered by party differences, they are nevertheless one in Christ. These three Communions, the Anglican, the Eastern and the Roman, all trace their descent through the Undivided Church, to the Apostles. When in God’s Providence reunion or intercommunion comes, it will have to be brought about by the drawing together of these three branches of the Ancient Church, numbering four hundred million souls, who agree in the essentials of Doctrine, Discipline and Worship."

--- Rev. Archibald Campbell Knowles, The Practice of Religion


Anonymous said...

The Roman Catholic Church in no way considers you to have valid succession and in both Sweden and Finland the apostollic succession of Bishops was retained among the Lutherans. This does not include the Lutherans who have been reordained through the lines of the Old Catholic Church. Why do you not consider them in your quotes? As far as doctrine goes they have more in common with you than the reformed Anglicans.

Kevin said...

Dear Anonymous,

The quote is from Fr. A.C. Knowles who was an Anglo-Catholic who was part of the catholic revival in the Episcopal Church in the late 19th to early 20th century.

The quote came after the close relations between PECUSA and the Russian Orthodox Church had been crushed by the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. It is also prior to the time of the Confessing Movement in the Scandinavian Churches.

I am influenced and have a deep love of the Confessing Lutheran movement, especially in the work of +Bo Giertz.

To get a better understanding on the validity of Anglican orders and succession, I will refer you to the blog The Continuum - Please, also read the historic statements of the Patriarchs of Constantinople and Alexandria, recognizing the validity of Anglican orders.

Regards and God Bless.