Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Attention Anglican Missions and Parishes

From our friend Fr. Charles Nalls.......

"Good morning, all, Over the years, I have acquired a sizeable stock of church furnishings and “tat”. These include chalices, patens, ciboria, brand new 1928 Prayerbooks and 1940 Hymnals, a couple of tabernacles and even a baptismal font. I have tried to supply new missions with the necessaries out of this burgeoning collection, but the inflow has exceeded the outflow. Storing them has become a logistical nightmare, and it is time to divest. If you have a need, please let me know.

If a parish is without resources, I will consider sending an item for shipping costs only. Otherwise, we can agree on a price that suits the relevant budget—proceeds will be going to support two monastic communities, so generosity is appreciated. As these are sacred items which have been blessed, I will not offer them to other than clergy, parishes or donors who are willing to list the clergy or church recipient of these items. (No E-Bay auctions!) The goal is to have these church goods find an appropriate home. As well, a friend and colleague has closed his church goods shop here in Richmond including a large stock of candles and ”expendables”, and he may have something that will match an inquiry.

Please let me know of your interest and I will see whether I have something that can meet the need. If you are coming to synod next week, I’ll try to remember to bring the inventory book.

 In Christ,

 Fr. Nalls

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Anonymous said...

Just the sort of wonderful thing I would expect out of Father N. I hope that places that need things do take advantage.