Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You ynow you're an orthodox Anglican when.........

The last Book of Common Prayer was written in 1928.

Amen is pronounced with a short A.

You think co-ed clergy is for Unitarians, Non-Doms and Moravians.

Any mention of 1979 makes you cringe.

You think that a Canterbury cap is the only proper headgear for a clergyman.

What do you mean there was a Bible translation after 1611?

Thee's, thou's and thy's are not just for the Lord's Prayer.

You know what Ember and Rogation Days are.


Fr Tom said...

Ah, Kevin, You've nailed it!!

I'd add one more - "1982 Hymnal...never heard of it."

Fr. Patrick Fodor said...

Canterbury what? How about a zucchetto and biretta?

Doesn't this leave all the Missal parishes out? :-)

Fr. Patrick Fodor

Kevin said...

Thanks Tom+

Patrick+, Just having a little fun. Birettas are fine...........if your Italian ;-)