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It would be great to hear about my visitors, where they are from, what brought them to this blog and their thoughts on relative topics (Christianity, Anglican(ism), history, faith, devotions, right-to-life, music, persecution, etc.)

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Fr William Bauer said...

I came to see this blog because it linked to The Continuum blog. I have not been pleased with the negative comments on The Continuum blog regarding the history-making request made to Rome by the TAC and the Vatican's response. Sounds a bit like Ridley, Gardiner et al of some centuries ago.
Secondly my daughter, who is a grad student at Steubenville is driving across Ohio today and giving reports each few hours. She even stopped in Nevada, Ohio just to see.
Thirdly, you can see some of my idiosyncrasies on my blog.

Georgia said...

I came to visit from Stand Firm in Faith and love your blog! Thanks for inviting us to comment. Yours is the most purely worshipful, purely classically Anglican and purely positive blog I have seen yet.

My other favorite blog for Anglican worship was the Common Cause prayer blog with short prayer devotions that were almost prayer services and had quotes from the fathers and saints as well, written by Fr. Timothy Fountain and William Schontz.

Thank you for all the hard work you have obviously put into this site. I plan to find my way back.

Georgia Smith
Tallahassee, FL

Kevin said...

Fr Odhran-Mary: Thanks for stopping and I have added you to my blog list.

Georgia: I am humbled by your words and hope you continue to visit.

eqb said...

Who will save Sewanee?

Canon Tallis said...

As an Anglican Usage cleric in the Continuum, I am very appreciative of your site because it is my belief that all Anglican parishes and missions should read Morning and Evening Prayer every day. It is also my belief that we American Anglicans who lack black letter holy days should freely use those from the English and Scots' prayer books.

You are doing a great job and I hope you continue to maintain the site.

Tregonsee said...

The CANA/ACNA church I attend is working on finding a replacement for the 1979 BCP. A relatively small number have used anything else, so it is a slow, delicate process. We have had trial usages for the 1662 BCP, and have recently started with a period of the 1928 BCP. With a little prompting, they have picked up the service like vererans. There is no question that we will switch to a valid version. Thanks for being out there keeping the faith and the Faith.

Kevin said...

Dear eqb,

Sewanee is and has been a tool and seed mill for the revisionist of TEC for years now.

The "Lost Mace", the training of women for the ordained ministry, multiculturalism, etc., etc., etc.

I wish not to offend or trivialize your anguish, but Sewanee was lost even before a call for rescue has been raised.

Kevin said...

Canon Tallis,

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Kevin said...


Always happy to serve.

I hope that your parish finds what they are looking for in the traditional BCPs and pray that they will find the beauty of the Anglican tradition contained therein.

Please let me know how things turn-out.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Fr Odhran-Mary TFSC wrote:

I have not been pleased with the negative comments on The Continuum blog regarding the history-making request made to Rome by the TAC and the Vatican's response.

Honest analysis appeals to the faculties of critical thinking, and often disappopints sentimnetalism that denies reality. Someone has to say that Anglicanism is worth living by, based on the truth of the Catholic Faith of the "Undivided Church of the First Millennium." No, we have not jumped for joy at Anglicanorum Coetibus, for it is only an extension of Pastoral Provisions, a way to convert to Roman Catholicism. If that was something we wanted to do, we could have done it anyway.

Ohio Anglican performs a good service for those of us who value the practice of following the Book of Common Prayer.

Fr Tom said...

Kevin, Thanks for this site. As a Prayerbook Catholic, I value the discipline of the Daily Offices, as well as the glory of the Holy Communion (celebrated using the 1928 BCP).

Kevin said...

Thanks for visiting Tom.

Connection Kenya said...

Howdy. May the peace of Christ be with you. I am an Anglican priest in NE Ohio, African missionary. I send greetings to you. Faithful Anglicans are all over NE Ohio, but far apart, in a lot of ways. Looking for Anglican fellowship.

Fr Francis Wardega

Unknown said...


Thank you for such a good web/blog. There is a lot of news about TEC both bad and good, but very little about Traditional Episcopalianism or old order Anglicanism. So I am happy to find you and will come back.

sincerely, cheers, judojoe

joe d phillips
CCA Christ Church Anglican EMC
Episcopal Missionary Church
Columbus, Ohio

Carson Clark said...

Hey. Great blog. Thought I'd share my own if anyone is interested. It's entitled "Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate: The assorted thoughts of an evangelical Anglican." Here's the link:

Thom Simmons said...

Greetings! I may be an odd bird here - an openly gay man, married in the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of NH - but I love your blog! I long ago rejected the notion of the "via media," and se my faith as a culturally western and contemporary expression of Orthodoxy...making me about the highest anglo-catholic around that I know!

Kevin said...

Hi Thom,

Everyone is welcome here and hope that I can be of assistance.

I am puzzled by your statement though, lifestyle, culturalism and contemporaneousness are not words that are generally associated with the orthodox, catholic expressions of Christian faith; it's not about us, it is about God.

Cheers and God Bless.

Nick Papas said...

Thank you for the attribution while having posted my icon of Saint Patrick. But I am writing mostly to share the interesting tidbit that this icon is located in Ohio!

Nick Papas

Canon Tallis said...


I am grateful to you for the beautiful job of 'writing' it. I am also very grateful for Kevin for posting it so that we all could share it.

I would love to see more of your work.

Unknown said...

Hello, and thanks for the web log.
My wife and I are BCP Anglicans in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. We are to the Protestant side of center, but very much with the BCP program, including the Articles of Religion.
We are working with Bishop Morse of the REC to restart the old Church of the Epiphany, which closed in 2004, as a Prayer Book parish. If interested, there is info at

Kevin said...


Thanks for the info, I will definitely look into that.

Brit NorAm Freedom said...

Found your page via "Glad to be Anglican" web site (inactive - superseded by the C.S. Lewis group of Chattanooga, Tenn. blog). All the best to you and your work for the kingdom of God. Ecce, quam bonum! (Psalm 133)

Anonymous said...

Found you via Standfirminfaith; like your blog.
I'm a TEC priest in California looking forward to joining the Ordinariate. I pray that we can keep up our family relationships as Anglicans.

God bless

Fr. Bill

Ken Lambert said...

Hello Kevin-
I noticed you blog and perhaps you would be interested in contributing to a book I am co-writing. We are looking for someone to write a mini-bio (short) about the Wesley's. If interested, please contact me via our blog-
Thanks and God Bless,

Ken L.

Undergroundpewster said...

Keep up the good work!

Joanne Canda said...

Kevin--do you do all this yourself? This blog is probably the best Anglican resource I have ever seen. I hope to spend some time studying it in depth. You are doing a wonderful work. How do you have time to do this on top of everything else? You give me hope for our faith once delivered to the saints. Joanne L. Canda

Kevin said...

Thanks for the kind words Dear Joanne. It started out as a place for me to journalize my study of Christianity and it's English expression and to share what I found with others.

so_so_wordsmith said...

I grew up in the Anglican church but came to faith in Christ as an adult. Now in the US (San Francisco BayArea) I long for the gravity of liturgical services. Your blog feeds my interests in faith and history. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin,

I found your page while looking for an active, orthodox, Anglican blog. I went over to your Facebook page and found you and I have much in common.

I am a member of the Christian Episcopal Church, King of Glory Parish (XnEC.US updated website) and am currently a seminary student. My full time job has me driving a patrol car around all night.

Keep up the good work and I'll be back to see what you are up to.

Be well,

Bill Shepard

Kevin said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

Stay Safe and Pax Christi,


Kevin Hammer said...

Hello Kevin-

Happened upon your blog while googling Ohio and Chesterton. Fine work!
Since you are in northern Ohio, thought I'd pass along a link about a religious art exhibit at Oberlin College -- many church items from the renaissance, well worth a visit (and free too).
As a Catholic, I visit Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue now and then, you might enjoy a walk around the grounds there.
Best wishes,
Kevin Hammer

Kevin said...


Thanks for the info.

Pax Christi,


Alice C. Linsley said...

Kevin, You and your blog give me hope for the future of Anglicanism. Keep up this important work of lifting up Holy Tradition as it is preserved in the true Book of Common Prayer (1928 and before) and exhibited in the lives of Anglican saints.

Kevin said...

Thank You Dear Alice, I am humbled by your gracious comment.

Fr. V said...


This is Fr. V from Adam's Ale, a fellow nothern Ohioan (St. Sebastian RC Church.) Just wanted to say hello and God bless.

Kevin said...

Thanks for stopping by Father and may God bless you and your flock :)

Anonymous said...

Peace and the Spirit of the Christmas season, with greetings from Vermont. Orthodox Anglicans are a rare breed in this neck of the woods; the small traditional Anglican Church nearby very recently has been challenged with an unexpected and sudden dismissal of the priest. But it's a season of hope and faith, and coming across this nice blog may be a small message of resilience and brotherhood from afar. Merry Christmas! Chuck C.

Kevin said...

Chuck, Prayers for you and your fellow congregants that you will soon have a new, faithful shepherd. Have a Blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Kevin, this is a beautiful site.

Kevin said...

Thank You Margaret, I appreciate your comments and for stopping by.

Eric said...

Hello Kevin,

I am very pleased to see you continuing your faithful work on this site. I don't know if you recall, but I was one of the original writers for the River Thames Beach Part back when I blogged at "O God, come to my assistance" before taking a foray into Lutheranism. I've been a part of the Continuum for a while now and am checking out old Anglican haunts, just to say "hey." So, hey. Hope you're well.


Kevin said...

Hi Eric,

Glad to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and your kind words. The RTBP has a Facebook page that still gets some traffic.

Pax Christi,


Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across your blog and saw that you are Orthodox Anglican. I am a Greek Orthodox convert and have never heard of an Orthodox Anglican. Can you tell me how it differs from Greek Orthodox?

Teri M

Kevin said...

Hi Teri,

It is Anglicanism purged of the Liberal innovations and revisionism of the last 50 years (i.e. Women's "ordination", the watered-down p.c. theology of the 1979 prayer book and other modernised "rites"). It retains the language of the King James Bible and the traditional Books of Common Prayer. Yet, I try to appeal to a broad audience of faithful Christians by remembering and sharing those things that the Universal Church hold in common.

Thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...

Raised Anglo-Catholic, went from Episcopal Church to Continuum to margins of Latin-Rite Roman Catholic to Eastern Orthodoxy. I am still a practicing Orthodox in terms of theology, but I have twice been life-raped by the church.
Orthodoxy in this country is riddled with cults, cover-ups, and no consequences. Would like to see a movement of Anglicans into the East to open the door and shine light on the mold. Trying to find a spiritual home where I can read the Septuagint and sing the Old One Hundredth.
Best and Peace.

Kevin said...

Hi Ross,

Maybe these links can be of some help to you

Thanks for stopping by and return often.

Pax Christi,


Charles Carter Glass said...

I came to your blog through a search I did on "Sts. Constantine & Helena." Yesterday, August 18th, was the feast of St. Helena as listed in the People's Anglican Missal. There is no commemoration of St. Constantine in the missal, so it is my habit to commemorate him on the feast of St. Helena. There are a number of feast days shown for Constantine and Helena, separately or together.

I find your blog fascinating. I too am a gun-totting Anglican. I am a member of The Anglican Province of America living in Parkville, Maryland. I am a cradle Anglican of Anglo-Catholic heritage. I am a kilt-wearing Scottish-American from a long line of proud Scots-Irish hillbillies and Texan rabble-rousers.

Keep the faith, brother.

C. Carter Glass

Serhii said...

Hi, I also started a blog Can you give me some advice

Mad Padre said...

Good morning. I am the rector of All Saints' King City, in the Diocese of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am not gun-toting, though I sill own a Springfield .58 from my Civil War reenacting days, and was a Canadian Army chaplain. I came here looking for some content on Maximilian Kolbe who we remember today and found this blog. Love your commitment to the saints' days and to the prayer book.
Looking us up if you're ever in his lovely part of Ontario.

Grace and peace in Christ,

Father Michael Peterson

Kevin said...

Hi Michael+ and Serhii, Sorry I didn't see your comments earlier, they got lumped in with all of the spam.

Michael+, Thanks for the kind words and if I am ever in Ontario I will take you up on that.

Serhii, Stay consistent and on point and you will be able to reach more people.

Pax Christi,