Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where to Find a Copy of the 1928 BCP

The subject comes-up now and again of where to find a copy or copies of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (US edition), here are a few suggestions.

Electronic Versions:

Print Versions:

Anglican Parish Association

Anglican Market Place

Amazon Books

Various Sellers on Google

Oxford University Press


Also, some may be found at eBay, book sales, garage sales, flea markets and the like. If some of you look hard enough, you may find some stored in the basement or storage room of a TEC parish that had left them for flotsam after 1979. If someone does come across a large cache of them please rescue them and find a mission, chaplaincy or parish that can use them or contact me and I will find them a new home.


Anonymous said...

I have two '28s. One I found among my mom's old books and the other I found in a TEC parish library - they had a big box of them which have since been put to use somewhere.

Marie Blocher said...

Howcan one determine if it is a 1928 BCP ?
Mine has on page ii a certificate by John Wallace Suter dated Sept 1945

Kevin said...

Your book is a 1928 BCP, the 1945 date reflects a change made to the Lectionary in that year. In fact the 1928 BCP had two lectionaries, one in use from 1928-1944 and one used 1945-1979 (TEC) or better yet 1945-present for people like me :)

Anonymous said...

Please check out

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

We are a new church plant in ATL that uses the 1928. We are in need of about 35 of them. Do you know anyone who has a bunch of used one's in storage?

Fr. Melton

Kevin said...

Fr. Melton,

I don't know if they have all been grabbed up, but you may want to search around with TEC and other parishes/diocese that have abandoned the 1928 and have them stored away.