Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anglicans and Lutherans

The area in which I live is a desert for Continuing Anglicanism and yet a forest for Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Parishes. In fact, all of the Lutherans that I know personally belong to the LCMS.

There are many great LCMS Parishes and Pastors. When I think of Lutherans, I think of LCMS and not the ELCA.

Issues Etc. is another great resource that LCMS has shared with all of us.

It would be great to have (if there is not one already) a dialogue or forum between LCMS Lutherans and Continuing Anglicans.

If anyone knows of such a resource or is interested in starting one, please let me know.


The Midland Agrarian said...

A great thought-count me in.
My Anglican parish is Southern Cone (technically not continuuing), 1928 bcp, and VERY Christ Centered/Cross Focused. Our pastor at least once has called himself an "Anglo Lutheran". There is much common ground between Cramner's theology in the prayer book and Luther's theology.
There is common ground between the 39 Articles and Augsberg.

I will help promote this any way I can. I owe issues etc a lot for the comfort of the lifesaving Gospel.

As always, Your friend in Christ Jesus.

KJC402 said...

Here is a place we can try, let me know what you think.